integrated intelligent pump roo


Long installation period?

A huge investment in existing equipment solutions?

Old equipment is troublesome to operate and consumes a lot of water?

Product Brief

The integrated smart pump room is composed of a water pump, an environmentally friendly material room, pipes, valves, control systems, monitoring systems, and security systems. It is the water supply equipment for farmland irrigation, municipal water delivery, water plant water intake, cultivation and planting water, which is organized by the factory and transported to the site to install a turnkey pump room. The integrated smart pump room can greatly improve the installation efficiency and save man-hours. At the same time, it has the characteristics of small size, high efficiency and high degree of intelligence. Compared with the traditional pump room, the integrated smart pump room has less civil engineering, shorter manufacturing and installation period, less investment, convenient installation and reliable quality. It is an ideal substitute for the traditional pump room.

Product Features

Integration simplifies the procurement process

Shanghai Yimai Integrated Smart Pump Room is independently designed, spare parts procurement, factory production and testing. It is completely assembled and assembled in the Shanghai factory. The components are highly matched, not only high efficiency, low noise, but also meet the environmental requirements of specific projects. It also ensures the overall performance of the pumping station system. After the integration and integration are completed, the factory will be dispatched. On-site construction will be sent by professional technicians from Shanghai Yimai to provide on-site guidance to ensure the quality of the project. 24-hour service guarantee will let you have no worries.

Short construction cycle reduces construction cost

The installation of the integrated smart pump room is very simple. The entire set of equipment is completed by the Chaoyang Environmental Protection Organization. The site only needs civil engineering, lifting, connecting pipeline circuits, and debugging training. It only takes 1-2 working days to complete the entire installation and commissioning process.

The pump room is made of stainless steel with long service life

The body of the integrated smart pump room is made of stainless steel, which improves the corrosion resistance and stability of the room. Extend the service life of the integrated smart pump room. The overall design is reasonable and meets industrial requirements.

Internet of things remote monitoring of the pump room, the realization of unattended pump room

The integrated smart pump room is designed with an IoT cloud platform, which is seamlessly connected to the pump room. It can monitor the remote pump room and equipment at any time and any place. When there is a problem in the pump room, the device sends a message to the person in charge of the mobile phone to remind Users watch and check etc.