Organic waste treatment solution expert


Poor environmental sanitation?

Corruption, fermentation emits stench?

Is there a risk of public health and epidemic prevention if bacteria are bred and sterilization is not complete?

Equipment Overview

The YMGCC intelligent kitchen and kitchen waste in-situ treatment equipment was developed by Shanghai Yiwan Industrial Co., Ltd. and Tongji University. The body parts are made of high-quality stainless steel materials, and the structural cloth is tight and reasonable. The appearance of the product is technologically advanced and automatic. Significant advantages such as high degree of intelligence, energy saving and environmental protection.

YMGCc Intelligent Food Waste Treatment Equipment

YMGCc Farmers Market Organic Waste Treatment Equipment

YMGCc large garbage disposal station

Model definition

Scope of application

The equipment is mainly suitable for institutions, troops, schools, agricultural market, corporate food wire, hotel halls, gardener's quarters, and district-level urban waste-level transfer stations that require timely treatment of food waste and organic waste on site. Realize the reduction, recycling and harmless treatment of garbage.

Party and government organs

National Energy Conservation [2017] No. 180 Documents and Units take the lead in realizing the local disposal of kitchen waste, so that Nissan can be cleaned daily.


Green campus, ecological campus.

Business community

Closed-loop processing mechanism to ensure that kitchen waste does not leave the area.

Large and medium-sized garbage transfer station

Module intelligence, adapt to local conditions and adapt to needs.


Dispose on site to prevent secondary pollution.


One village and one station waste sorting and processing mode.

Agricultural Market

Reduce the amount first, and then deal with the strict control of the risk of the spread of various epidemics at the source.

Yimai innovatively adopts rapid physical high-temperature drying and sterilization technology in the industry. In 2018, it was evaluated as the domestic leading level by the expert group organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

Short processing time, more than 90% reduction at source

A single treatment of small and medium-sized equipment only takes 4-7 hours. It can run 2~3 times a day. Short-term high-efficiency operation; the source reduction is more than 90%, and all organic residues meet the requirements of the "Organic Fertilizer" (NYS25-2012) standard.

With reference to the international damp heat sterilization standards, the source of organic waste is strictly controlled for the risk of spreading various epidemics

International warm standard (maintain above 121℃ for at least 2.min)

According to the requirements of international public health epidemic prevention, under the high temperature conditions of 140-160℃, the proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids of microbial cells, such as bacteria and viruses remaining in the garbage, are permanently destroyed, causing them to completely lose their physiological activity, thereby causing irreversible cell death.

No odor during processing

The process is completely closed. Operation under vacuum negative pressure, no odor produced by fermentation.

Small footprint, energy cascade utilization

It can adapt to special sites such as narrow, flexible and convenient.

The high-temperature steam reuse helps to heat and dry, and separate oil and water for heat preservation. The actual energy consumption can be more than 50% energy saving compared with similar products.

Media News Report

Supporting products (optional)

YMHJL Organic Waste Reduction Machine

Fast continuous processing: 0.5T/H--30T/H

Basic structure: crushing system + squeezing reduction system

Reduction rate: 50-60% Volume reduction rate: 2/3 or more

Low energy consumption: less than 10 kWh of electricity is needed to process 1T of mailing garbage

Low investment cost

Convenient operation and simple maintenance

YMWD sewage treatment system

Developed jointly with Tongji University

Using UBF+2 level A/O, BOD removal rate can reach over 85%.

Imported anaerobic sludge is used for the residence time period and the treatment effect is good

The whole set of equipment is equipped with automatic control system and fault alarm, stable and reliable operation

Using modular design, small footprint

Efficient deodorization system in equipment room

Using "high energy ion deodorization + active oxygen ion water deodorization" as the mainstay

Different working conditions can be customized

Modular design

Guarantee the sanitary condition of the equipment room

YMGY catering oil-water separation and upgrading integrated equipment

Powered and unpowered type can adapt to multiple working conditions

Solid-liquid separation, automatic heating, efficient oil separation

Clean regularly to prevent stickiness and blockage

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