Outdoor intelligent integrated mobile equipment room


Long installation period?

A huge investment in existing equipment solutions?

The old equipment is troublesome to operate and takes up a lot of space?

Product Brief

Our company innovatively introduces the emerging industry of container recycling, focusing on the concept of green and environmental protection, making full use of containers, and renovating a steel box into an environmentally friendly standard kitchen room for on-site resource treatment of kitchen waste. At the same time, it is both practical and ornamental, and it is very friendly to the environment; the appearance color and style of the equipment room can be selected according to the original color and style of the project, and integrated with the environment.

Product Features

The equipment rooms are all standardized design, and related auxiliary equipment facilities (tools, spare parts, fire protection, cleaning and other supplies) are perfect to meet the user's equipment management needs to the greatest extent.

The transportation and installation are integrated, which is very convenient. There is no need to repair the construction equipment room. The construction period is short and the investment is small. The position can be adjusted anytime and anywhere according to the later needs, which is flexible and convenient.

Solved many difficult problems in newly built and renovated equipment rooms.