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Based on the ISO9001 quality system, Shanghai Yimai Industrial Co., Ltd. provides customers with advanced equipment, as well as more thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales services to ensure the continuous reliability of users during use and provide effective solutions for customers.

2020 Challenge vs. Opportunity-Yimai sincerely invites like-minded people to cooperate and create a win-win situation!

——We are willing to work with you to create a better future

2020 is a special year, and the same is true for Yimai.

In the difficult times of the world's epidemic prevention and control and our country's fight against floods in many places, no company or individual can be left alone. Our Yimai team is still like an eagle with its wings ready to fly, bravely taking on the important mission entrusted by the country and society, firm belief, and fly against the wind!

In 2020, the "Food Waste Intelligent Treatment Equipment" (T/CECS 10081-2020) standard drafted by Yimai and the School of Environmental Science and Engineering of Tongji University will be released and officially implemented;

In 2020, "Selection and Installation of Intelligent Food Waste Treatment Equipment (1)" (20CJ88-1/20CS02-1) drafted by Yimai and Zhongyuan International (Shanghai) Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. The standard atlas is released and officially implemented;

In 2020, the "Technical Regulations for the Application of Food and Kitchen Waste Intelligent Treatment Equipment" (T/CECS 656-2020) drafted by Yimai and China Northwest Architecture Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. will be released and officially implemented;

In 2020, the Shanghai standardization pilot project-"Smart Food Waste Treatment Equipment Standardization Pilot Project" undertaken by Yimai passed the acceptance review with an excellent score of 102.7, and won unanimous praise from the review panel.

In 2020, Yimai was successfully approved as Jinshan District Enterprise Technology Center. Following the honor of Jinshan District Expert Workstation and Jinshan District Little Giant Enterprise, it has become an important bearing area for Jinshan District to launch the "Made in Shanghai" brand and implement the "Made in China" The key strength of the 2025" strategy!


We have never stopped moving forward. Along the way, we have seen not only the tireless efforts of more than 230 employees in the Yimai team, seeking survival and development, but also more than 230 behind each employee The family united as one and resisted the decision of wind and rain together! This is the Chinese spirit, and even the soul of Yimai, simple, real, responsible and courageous!

Now Yimai has become a professional civil building water supply and drainage system solution provider and organic waste system solution provider. With "Tongji standard Yimai quality", we are committed to creating a complete Series of secondary water supply equipment, sewage lifting equipment, various pumps, industrial motors. In addition, in the field of environmental protection, we continue to explore the on-site resource treatment equipment for food waste, farmer’s market tail vegetable waste, regional waste transfer stations, "one town (district, county, city) one point" And the integrated equipment for the resource treatment of kitchen organic waste under the garbage classification system in the construction of the beautiful village, and supporting oil-water separation equipment, crushers, extruders, kitchen waste organic wastewater treatment equipment, and garbage room (processing station) for efficient removal Smelly systems, etc., have now adopted the intelligent remote monitoring and equipment management of the intelligent environmental protection industry 4.0+1, operation and maintenance and after-sales service, leading the industry's technological innovation and breakthroughs.

With the rapid development of the company’s business, in order to adapt to market needs, the Yimai team is now sincerely recruiting like-minded partners from the public. You can unite with Yimai if you have the strength, channels, determination, and want to work hard. Give full play to their competitive advantages, form a joint force, and open up a wider world. Use your surplus resources to create unexpected value for both parties!

You are welcome to call us, and we will arrange for someone to conduct specific exchanges and cooperation based on your market environment.

Shanghai Yimai Industry adheres to the business philosophy of "focus on improvement, professional service", and looks forward to working with you to create a brilliant chapter!

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