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YMWGTank no negative pressure water supply equipment

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Functional characteristics

Ensuring that the equipment doesn't produce negative pressure to municipal pipeline

Our non-negative pressure water supply equipment can really protect the municipal pipe network pressure,and avoid excessive water intake in the transient peak.The feature is our core technology,which other manufactureres cannot match.

Pressure-superposed water supply

The equipment directly connects with the water pipe network, and then it can supercharged pressurize water supply on the basis of original pressurein the pipe network. This mode of operation makes full use of the pressure of municipal pipe network to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

Health and environmental protection

All the flow components in system are made of food grade stainless steel. And the equipment fully enclosed runs; foreign bodies cannot enter the pipe network system and ensure good water quality of drinking water.

Saving investment and operation maintenance cost

Saving the area; no need to build a reservoir or water tank, saving a large amount of construction investment; saving energy by use of the water pipe network pressure; fully enclosed operation to avoid the waste of water resources.

Running stability

System design takes full account of the peak demand for water, to ensure sustained and stable water supply, and the water supply pressure deviation can be controlled within 0.01Mpa.

High intelligence

System operation data can be transmitted through wired network or wireless GPS to the control center. Users can easily grasp the system operation to achieve remote monitoring.

Technical Parameters


Principle of water supply

1.Nommal water supply mode

When the municipal water pressure is normal, and the amount of water is sufficient, the flow controller is turned on, and then water pumps run using of municipal water pressure to do less work to promote the purpose of saving energy.

2.Peak water supply mode

When the municipal water pressure drops to the minimum service pressure value, the pressure transmitter at the front of the flow controller sends the pressure signal to the PLC controller. Then the PLC stops the flow controller according to the programmed command, and the instantaneous vacuum is generated before the inlet end of the pumps. The vacuum suppressor is opened under the action of the instantaneous vacuum, and the air filtered by activated carbon enters the tank to break the vacuum. At this point, the tank's water level dropped rapidly, when the decline to the upper level, the signal reached the PLC, PLC opens the flow controller again. At this time, the top of the tank there is a stop layer, municipal water still flows into the tank by gravity, and will not be affected by the pump suction process.

3.There are two possible conditions

1.When the municipal water supply is greater than the user demand, air in the tank will be gradually eliminated. The stop layer is eliminated and then the equipment converts to the normal water supply mode. 2.When the municipal water supply is less than the user demand, the water level in the tank is gradually declining, when the water level drops down to the minimum level, the equipment stops. But this time, the municipal water is still flowing to the tank. When the water level reaches the upper limit, the pumps automatically start to run. So the equipment can really avoid excessive water intake to the municipal pipe network.

Uility Model Patent No:

ZL 2015 2 0795432.6

ZL 2012 2 0693225.6