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YMWXJet-type box no negative pressure water supply equ

Product details

Functional characteristics

As people's awareness of environmental protection, the user's attention to water quality is also increasing. After years of R&D and testing, the jet-type box no negative pressure water supply equipment has been developed scessfully. The equipment can not only use the pressure of the municipal pipe network to achieve energy saving ffect. but also ensure that the water in the tank is always fresh, completely eliminates the secondary pollution, such as dead water, retention layer and so on.

1.Energy conservation

The equipment can supercharged pressurize water supply on the basis of original pressure in the pipe network; and it can run without frequently starting the pumps when the flow is small, And the main pumps run in the high efficiency zone for most of the time.


Water tank an play the role of peak water supply during the peak period, to ensure that users alwarys have water

3.Really guarantee the quallty of the water In the tank

The water in the tank which was uniquely designed is in the flow, to avoid water quality deterioration.

Technical Parameters


Principle of water supply

1.Normal water supply mode

When the municipal pressure is greater than the set pressure value, the flow controller is turned on, and then water pumps run using of municipal water pressure to do less work to promote the purpose of saving energy- At the same time, there is a water jet device between the municipal . water pipe and water pump unit. Municipal inlets are inhaled through the pump, and the jet device can suck out the water at the bottom of the tank without any power, to prevent the water secondary pollution.( The water removed from the tank is about 1 / 20-1 / 10 of the municipal water supply)

2.Peak water supply mode

When the municipal pressure is lower than the set value, the flow controller at the municipal pipe network gradually close, while the pressurized auxiliary device starts, the water in the tank is pressurized to the same pressure with the municipal pipe network in the second outlet of the tank, and flows into the summary pipeline in front of the pumps to avoid water flow fluctuations, and finally the water is pressurized by the main pump unit to use. After the peak time, the municipal pressure gradually recovers and then is higher than the set pressure value. At this time, the flow controller is opened slowly and the axililiary booster is stopped. The system returns to the normal water supply mode.

Patent No:

ZL 2011 1 0004445.3