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YMJSBooster pump station equipment

Product details

Functional features

Saving the area- no water storage structures such as pools, saving more than 90% of land area.

Saving energy- water pumps run using of municipal water pressure to do less work to promote the purpose of saving more than 50% of energy.

Environmental protection- the equipment fully enclosed runs to avoid secondary pollution and public safety risks.

Saving investment- eliminating the construction of ponds and other civil works.

Stable water supply- Constant pressure control to ensure stable water supply.

Water hammer elimination- intelligent control system which can stop the pumps in a reasonable range of detention to prevent the water hammer effectively.

Product background

In the urban water supply process, due to long distance distribution and other factors, in order to ensure the most adverse point of water supply to achieve the desired pressure, we need to build the secondary pressurized pumping station. This device uses intelligent control technology, and energy-saving effect is remarkable. Without damaging the top of the water pressure, munidipal tap water pressure can be fully utilized, so that the pump can do less head work. Compared with the traditional concrete pump station, the equipment covers a smaller area, and the control system is more automated. We can provide the best technology and service programs according to the actual conditions.

Technical Parameters