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Outdoor micro intelligent water supply equipment

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Function description of control system

The control system of outdoor micro intelligent water supply equipment is mainly composed of PLC frequency converter, pressure sensor, flowmeter and other auxiliary components to form a closed-loop control system, which controls the water pump, and ultimately ensures that the pressure at the end of the water supply system is constant in the given range, so that the whole water supply system can achieve the optimal situation of unattended, efficient and energy-saving State.

Specific functions:

    1.The pressure, upper limit and lower limit can be set or modified on the touch screen.

    2.Manual/automatic switching.

    3.Fault alarm.

    4.Automatic energy optimization.

    5.When the equipment is running in the low peak period of water consumption, the actual water consumption is very small, the control system will process the detected signal, and quickly adjust the operation state until the equipment stops at small flow, realizing zero loss of shutdown. When the equipment stops running, the pressure can be maintained through the air pressure tank to improve the energy saving effect and ensure the water demand. When the flow rate increases, it can automatically resume the operation state,.

    6.The man-machine dialogue interface can accurately and real-time display the relevant parameters and operation status required by the bidding.

    7.It has remote control function.

    8.The inverter has built-in reactor and EMC filter, which has the performance characteristics of flux current control and multi-point U / F control, and has the protection of phase loss, over-voltage (under voltage), over-current and short-circuit of water pump.

    9.The human-machine interface has clear screen display, multi line data display, automatic black screen protection, good communication with PLC, display the status of each pump (frequency conversion, rest, fault), flow, pump speed, set pressure, water supply pressure and its fluctuation curve, Set parameters (timing rotation, fixed-point rotation, rotation time, PID parameter adjustment, parameter setting of pump unit), fault detection, recording and analysis, system help and description.

    10.Remote monitoring: constant pressure variable frequency water supply controller provides RS485 communication interface, and uses international standard Modbus communication protocol for master-slave communication. Users can realize centralized control through PC / PLC and upper computer (setting controller to control operation, start and stop of each pump, modification of relevant function code parameters, monitoring of controller working state and fault information, etc.).

    11.It has the pressure measurement of outlet main pipe and municipal pipe network. The measuring range is selected according to the actual process condition of the secondary water supply pump house, and the output is 4-20mA.

    12.With automatic constant pressure function. According to the actual situation of the project, the outlet pressure of the equipment can be set on site. According to the comparison between the outlet pressure and the set pressure, the control algorithm can automatically adjust and keep the outlet pressure constant, and the constant pressure control accuracy is less than ≤±0.01Mpa. The system increases or decreases the number of pumps according to the change of water supply flow. During the switching process, the water supply pressure should be kept stable.

     13.With automatic rotation function, the system can select fixed rotation and fixed rotation mode, and the user can set the rotation time. The system automatically accumulates the running time of each pump, and the pump with the shortest running time is preferred to start each time.

     14.With fault alarm and processing, in case of over-current, overload, phase loss, overheating, undervoltage, overpressure, water free, frequency conversion fault, etc., the equipment can automatically switch to the protection state to protect the equipment from damage. At the same time, the equipment will automatically skip the fault circuit or water pump and put into other circuits or pumps to avoid unnecessary shutdown of the equipment affecting the user's water consumption. At the same time, the alarm signal is sent to the designated remote monitoring room through the network and GPRS to inform the personnel on duty to carry out on-site maintenance and control the operation of the water pump.

     15.It has the function of frequency conversion fault automatic reset. After the frequency converter alarms, it can automatically reset to the set number, and the reset interval time increases. If the frequency converter still fails to reset after the set number of times, the automatic shutdown protection.

     16.It has the function of water free / overpressure automatic reset. After the water / overpressure fault occurs, the system will enter the shutdown state. When the fault recovers, the system will start automatically. The water supply equipment shall have at least one set of independent water shortage protection mechanism, which can automatically alarm and stop protection in case of water shortage. When the water inflow returns to normal, the equipment will resume normal operation.

     17.Overpressure protection function: when the outlet pressure exceeds the set high limit pressure, the water pump automatically stops working, and when the pressure returns to normal pressure, the water pump will resume to work and supply water to users.

     18.With the function of fault recording and storage, it can automatically record the time and type of fault.