Modular Smart Integrated Water Plant Solution

Starting from the actual needs of users, based on a deep understanding of customer scenario based needs, with full lifecycle operation management as the core, combined with years of lean production experience, we aim to create modular, product-based, and intelligent water plants, achieving a one-stop service throughout the entire process, ensuring safe and stable water supply, high-quality water quality, cost optimization, and efficiency improvement.

Overview of the plan Customer Challenges Core advantages

Overview of the plan

Modular intelligent integrated water plant is a highly integrated and intelligent water treatment solution that integrates civil engineering water plant products, serialization, and intelligence. Based on integrated design and modular production equipment as the hardware foundation, supplemented by decentralized control systems such as intelligent alum addition, intelligent disinfection, and backwashing, and seamlessly integrated with the intelligent integrated control platform, it has functions such as operation monitoring, fault alarm, statistical analysis, and equipment management to assist in refined management.

Customer Challenges


Engineering thinking

Insufficient overall planning, reconstruction of light pipes, fragmentation of design, construction, and operation and maintenance;


Low design standards

Low construction standards, small parameter values, simple processing technology, and lack of overall consideration for later operation and maintenance


Difficulty in operation and maintenance management

The level of construction teams is uneven, the foundation of information technology is poor, and the quality of professional personnel is weak

Core advantages

Standardization of process technology

The modular intelligent integrated water plant is completed based on national standards, standard chemical plant prefabrication, on-site lifting assembly, pipeline splicing, and micro welding, quickly building the entire production process main body of the water plant. It can significantly shorten the construction cycle for customers, reduce civil engineering costs, and ensure the rapid and safe operation of the water plant, with strong scalability.

Systematization of solutions

Divide the water supply scale, water source, raw water quality, and phased pollution sources according to customer needs, and provide different product combinations for different situations in the customer's region, including conventional processes, ultrafiltration membrane processes, and deep treatment processes required for water quality improvement. It can adapt to multiple water source characteristic application scenarios such as seasonal high turbidity, low temperature and low turbidity, high algae, micro pollution, and seasonal iron and manganese exceeding standards.

Dynamic and intelligent operation management

The intelligent integrated control platform combines various application data such as on-site equipment, decentralized control systems, security, equipment operation and maintenance, and water quality testing to achieve "few/unmanned personnel on duty, remote control, and intelligent operation and maintenance" of water plants. It can make up for the problem of traditional water plants relying heavily on manual labor due to uneven management levels and poor information foundation, and achieve automation, refinement, dynamism, and digitization of operation and management.